ATC’s wall

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Come and have a look at the ATC’s wall and trade your own ATC’s with others!

Here are the available ATCs to trade, click on the photos for a larger version:

What is ATC?
ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.
ATC’s are little cards made ​​by artists or as a small work of art and they are meant for swapping. ATC may not be sold.
An ATC has a fixed size: 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. ATCs can be created in any medium the artist desires: paint, crayons, ink, fabric, wool. There are even ATC’s made ​​of wood, clay and metal.

What is an ATC wall and what do you do?
it is this page on my blog which always shows 9-10 ATC cards that are available for trading. Anyone may paticipate. Create your own ATC (do not forget: The rule about the size is the only rule in the world ATC), send it to me and get another ATC – you can choose which one!

Send your ATC to my address:

Ayala Levinger
Mahatma Gandhistraat 49
1447 XP Purmerend

Attach a note with the number of the ATC that you want in exchange for your ATC.
If you sending from outside the Netherlands write an email (ayala [at]  so I can reserve your desired ATC until I receive your ATC.
You can also choose to be surprised. I will use a random number generator to choose the ATC that you will get.

Once I receive your ATC I will send your chosen card to you.

The conditions:
1. You can send more than one card at a time and the number of times you want to participate is unlimited.
2. Privacy Policy: Write your address clearly on the envelope. I Do not keep addresses.I throw away the envelope with your address whey the ATC is shipped to you.
3. I take a picture of any ATC that I receive and you ATC will come to stand in the virtual ATC wall  with your name (first name only) and place  – so it is clear that the cards are made by different makers and which cards are made by the same maker.
4. Your ATC get’s a number and may be exchanged by another.

Join us, it’s fun!

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