Crochet pattern – Jam jars’ lids

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We, creative souls just love pretty ways to store our creative materials (and oh how many we have). We all have a “creative space” pinterest board(s) with all kinds of pictures of walls full of thread and baskets of fabrics sorted by color! Don’t you? 😜

My creative space is in the attic. I share the room with my partner’s music equipment and computers, the wasline and the cat’s favorite chair. My part does have a windowsill! I use this large space on the windowsill to store small materials in pots and boxes. The idea is – stuff I often use and don’t want to constantly search for. So jars of jam.

I don’t want to tell you how many years the jars of jars were waiting for lids until I decided to use this “Corona time” to do something about their condition.

Here the easiest pattern, made in an amigurumi way (spiral): round 1: 6 sc in a ring (6) round 2: sc. 2 in each sc around (12) round 3: * sc. 1, sc. 2 in next. V. *, hh 6x (18) round 4: * sc. 2, sc. 2 in next. V. *, hh 6x (24) round 5: * sc. 3, sc. 2 in next. V. *, hh 6x (30) round 6: * sc. 4, sc. 2 in next. V. *, hh 6x (36) rows 7 to 10: 1 sc in each sc around (36) Fasten the thread With white thread: round 11: sc in each sc around (36) round 12: [skip 2 sc., 6 dc. in next sc., skip 2 sc., sl st in next sc.] * repeat 6 times.

To adjust the pattern for different sizes of jars, increase the bottom (row 6) as much as necessary. for decoration I glued a ribbon flower on each lid with a hot glue gun.

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