Decorate your garden with crochet mandala and feathers

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Sun catchers, or dream catchers as they are also called, is a way to display a beautiful lace doily. I wrote that at the end of the review for the book Mandala Crochet by Haafner Linssen.

However, sun catchers and dream catchers are 2 different things. You hang the suncatcher in the window. When the sun shines through the lacy doily, the shadows give a fascinating effect in the room.

Dreamcatchers were originally used by the Canadian and North American Sioux and Ojibwa (Native Americans). The dream catcher catches the “bad” dreams in the “web” and according to legend they slip off in the morning and dry up in the morning sun. Good dreams can pass unhindered in the center of the dream catcher and thus enter the life of the dreamer.

Actually, a mandala in a ring as decoration for your garden is neither a sun catcher nor a dream catcher. But nevertheless beautiful. It should be mentioned that no bird had suffered for the feathers. I collected them myself along the ditches in my hometown and on the beach 😉

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