Gift Idea: crochet shower glove

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Whether you want to spoil yourself (aka self care) with a warm shower with a wonderful scrub or give a thank you gift (for example, thank the teacher for their commitment, especially in this difficult corona year), this peeling glove is so quickly made that you can immediately use it or wrap it as a gift!

The pattern was designed by Anne Thiemeyer for Schachenmayr and is available for free download on Schachenmayr website. This pattern is also available in The Warm Winter Living Special issue of Aan de haak nr 18 with 24 other hip crochet projects to bring the warmth and cosiness inside your house.

I had the idea that it would make a nice gift to wrap a peeling glove together with a good natural soap in a nice packaging for the teachers. For every teacher I made a package with a peeling glove and an amazing original Palestinian Black Cumin soap. This soap contains 20% black cumin (nigella sativa). It is said that this can slow down the aging process and make the skin soft. And a thank you card, of course, printed on a thick paper.

I attached the hanging loop at once corner of the top edge of the back of the glove instead of the tip of the fingers as the pattern suggested so that the teacher can hang the glove in the shower and keep the soap in the glove. I find it handy.

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