Crocheting and reading, sometimes at the same time

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I take a new hobby every now and then. I have squashed for a period, I garden when the weather allows it, I sometimes write for Wikipedia, I quilt when I have patience and time (and money …) for it. But I also have 2 fixed hobbies and they are: Reading and Crochet. Since 2 years ago I also started listening to audio books and I think that is a brilliant idea because it allows me to practice 2 hobbies at the same time!

I don’t always choose a book that fits the other hobby so it was really just acoincidence that I started listening to an audio book titled “Hooked on you” by Jenn Matthews while crocheting granny squares. I thought that was worth a photo 😜

I finished the book a long time before I finished the blanket, but in the end the blanket is finished too.

And someone here is very happy with it

Another thing I have finished is the Skoody hoodie-scarf from the book Haakgeluk 2 by Claire (a dutch crochet book I reviews in the dutch version of the blog).

I accidentally made my scarf way too long, but it now appears to be fashionable and sold in stores! And not so cheap too!

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