Corona fashion

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A year ago I sewed a dress with an old pattern, which comes from a 10+ year old issue of the Dutch sewing magazine “Knipmode” and I haven’t shown the result yet! The pattern is from April 2008 issue (!!)

It is an easy pattern. I haven’t sewn a garment for so many years. I wanted to start again with something easy with bigger chances of success 😉. This dress is made of only 2 pieces! For the seams I used Vliesofix to glue the seams flat before I stitched them.

This was all last year. And here we are, a year later this week I made the new MUST-have accessories from the leftover fabric: a matching face mask!

The face masks are made exactly according to Leah Day’s brilliant tutorial for a face mask with a filter pocket. watch it on youtube.

However, I don’t know if I make it a habit to wear a face mask regularly. Wearing something around my nose and mouth aggravates my allergies, and face masks are not best friends with eye glasses 😩. So it remains for special occasions, for example, when I visit someone I know is vulnerable. Stay healthy! (and also go outside, no exercise is not healthy!)

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