You no longer wear it but you can’t let it go. what now?

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I have some clothes in my closet that I have not been wearing for many years. Some because they are too small and others too short (some may have shrank in years of washing but a few are just from the time that I wore short skirts that I wouldn’t dare anymore). I don’t usually keep them. I often give clothes away. However, I have couple of items that managed to escape multiple selections. These are the clothing with “emotional value” and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away!

For ecological reasons I do not want to buy new clothes and I prefer to make my own clothes. Sewing or crocheting a dress yourself takes longer than buying one online with a few clicks of the mouse. From a minimalist ideology, I also don’t want any unused items in the house. That brings us back to items of clothing that take up space in the closet while I never wear them. One garment was a long pink skirt with pink stars. I remember where I bought the skirt about 20 years ago. It was time to throw it away or – make something new out of it!

The idea was to make a dress from the skirt. I had to cut the top because the waist was too narrow.

Then I crocheted 20 granny squares. I have chosen a granny square with a star. I found the drawing of the pattern in pinterest: here. I crochet rows 3 and 4 in the same color so that the star stands in a circle and row 5 has the same color for all blocks.

I then stitched the blocks together and added a few rows at the bottom and finally stiched it on the skirt. I also cut the skirt and made a new hem because it started to break up.

I walked with this dress the 🌈 “Pride March” 🌈 in Amsterdam and climbed the Acropolis in Athens!

Above the Akropolis, Athens.

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