Make felt beads with Clover pom-pom maker

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Felt beads are an ideal light weight component in jewelry and other projects. They can be easily decorated with seed beads, gem chips or rhinestones. Use larger beads to make snowmen or scary Halloween spiders. Create Christmas ornaments, unique Easter eggs and Valentine’s Day decorations. The sky is the limit with these beautiful felt beads.

But how do you make felt beads easily and quickly?

Here’s how I make them:

You’ll need: Clover pom-pom maker (small) wool roving for felting (100% wool – important!)

Step 1: make pom-poms. lots of pom-poms

You don’t have to trim the pom-poms. It is not important at this time whether the pom-pom is perfectly round. Make as much pop-pom as you want, in different colors.

step 2: Put the pom-poms in the washing machine. Wash them with other clothes. In the first time, they are already felted, but are usually still oval. After a few times in the washing machine they become round. I just let them sit in the washing machine for a week and because I turn the washing machine on at least once a day they are washed 5-6 times in a week.

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