Make your own Air freshener

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I came across the idea and the instructions in the book “A sustainable wardrobe” written by Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst. . The book is about changing your wardrobe and shopping behavior from fast fashion to sustainable. It was interesting to read, even though I’m personally less interested in sustainable shopping. I’m more of a do-it-yourselfer, I like to make things myself instead of buying them.

But there were also a number of interesting recipes in this book, for example to make your own detergent! I will definitely try that too!

The air freshener is intended for your closet so that your clothes also smels nice in the closet and you actually make it from everything you already have at home: glass jars, pieces of fabric, string (or elastic band, but we’re going for making something beautfiful), white rice and essential oil.

First you remove the stickers from the jars by leaving them in water for a while until the sticker comes off by itself. do not rub or scratch, because then the sticker will not come off completely and glue will remain on the pot. Fill the jars with rice and add a few drops of essential oil.

Then you cover the jar with a piece of fabric cut in a circle (I prefer to use zigzag scissors here, so the fabric does not fray and it is also elegant) and tie a piece of rope around it so that the fabric stays in place.

Place the jar in the back of the closet so you don’t accidentally drop it when you take out clothes.

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